HOBY International designed and developed the Community Leadership Workshop or CLeW program in 1989 to provide outstanding high school students with a one-day, HOBY-style experience. The purpose of the CLeW is to introduce even more students and communities to the HOBY philosophy through a program that is less restricted by costs and logistics than HOBY’s other programs. As of the 2007 program year, CLeWs became targeted to high school freshmen only, furthering HOBY’s mission to provide lifelong leadership development opportunities.


The CLeW for this program year will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical School (BVT) in Upton. This one day community leadership workshop is provided for freshmen in high school. Many thanks to the BVT school administration for generously agreeing to sponsor this workshop!

We will be inviting schools within a reasonable distance to BVT to register up to 5 students to participate in the workshop. The goal is to have between 40-60 students attend this workshop. We will have a staff of 15. The program will be interactive and the students will have extensive opportunities for interaction and discussion. We will offer guidance and helpful tips on developing leadership skills, and we will have fun team building exercises and cheers to keep the energy up! In addition to learning, the students will be able to make new friends and extend their network.

The CLeW Chair is Zack Bergeron. The CLeW DIrector is Gail Elmore who is also the MA HOBY Corporate Board President. They will be joined by staff to make this CLeW possible!